Fears New Moneypoint Workers May ‘Turn Right And Head To Ennis’ Due To Housing Crisis

A West Clare Councillor is fearful the 600 workers at Moneypoint’s new development may ‘turn right and head to Ennis’ as a result of the housing crisis.

It comes as Clare County Council has committed to researching the demand for affordable houses in this county after the Government’s publication of the Housing For All plan.


Concerns were raised at this week’s monthly meeting of Clare County Council about the ‘squeezed middle’ – those who aren’t earning enough to get a mortgage but are earning too much to be considered for social housing – not being able to afford a home.

That’s in spite of the recent publication of the Government’s ‘Housing For All’ plan, which promises 54,000 of affordable homes nationwide by 2030.

Affordable in Clare is considered in the strategy to be capped at €300,000, and differs for every county.

It’s prompted the local authority here to approach consultants to assess the demand for such housing in Clare, with this research to be used by the Council to apply for funding for affordable housing schemes.

Chair of the Housing SPC, Shannon Independent Councillor Gerry Flynn, wants the work to be completed within the next six months.

Housing difficulties in this county have prompted fears that employees coming to Clare for work will find it difficult to purchase a home.

An offshore wind farm on the West Clare coast at Moneypoint is expected to provide around 600 jobs once it’s completed and in operation by 2030.

A Kilkee-based representative is concerned that the project is a ‘classic case’ of a ‘dictatorial’ planning process.

Fianna Fail Councillor Cillian Murphy, who’s motion prompted the discussion at Council level, says ‘more wriggle room’ is needed in the County Development Plan to ensure workers moving to the area for such projects are catered for.

Councillors are to be made aware of the timeline for the research to be completed in the coming weeks.