Fears Clare Families Will Continue To Enter Homelessness If Wages Don’t Rise

A Clare Sinn Féin Dáil hopeful insists as long as rents rise while wages remain stagnant, families will be entering homelessness in their droves.

New figures from the Department of Housing show a 79% increase in homelessness here, with 77 people now without a permanent roof over their head in this county.

But figures released to Sinn Féin also show that there are currently 1,962 people on Clare’s housing waiting list, 1,206 people on HAPs and 1,187 on the Rent Allowance Scheme.


Ballyvaughan’s Noeleen Moran says this means over 4,400 people are in real need of housing assistance in Clare and has been telling Clare FM’s James Mulhall that it’s vital the government ups the ante: