EXCLUSIVE Online Preview – The Rescue

The Rescue is a Clare FM documentary which tells the story of one of the most remarkable rescue attempts in human history.

Ennisman Jim Warny was part of a team of international divers who travelled to Thailand in July, to take part in the successful extraction of 12 young soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave.

The Rescue reveals the inside story of what it took to bring this unprecedented mission together, and of just how remarkable it was that the odds were beaten, and that all of those who had been trapped inside were rescued alive. A Thai Navy Seal diver, Suman Kunan died in the early portion of the rescue, showing the dangers involved.


In this exclusive online preview, Jim Warny outlines how he removed one of those who’d been trapped inside, and of how even this nearly went very, very wrong.

You can hear our full documentary, The Rescue, on New Years Day from 1:00 on Clare FM.