Ennis Travel Counsellor Says ‘Increase In Shannon’s Hinterland’ Needed Amid Dublin Chaos

Photo (c) Shannon Group

An Ennis travel counsellor says an increase in ‘Shannon Airport’s hinterland’ is needed.

It comes as chaos continues in Dublin Airport following more than 20 Aer Lingus flights being cancelled today.

There are 21 Aer Lingus flights cancelled today at Dublin Airport, including 9 return services, and it adds to several more that have been cancelled this week.


Aer Lingus’ Heathrow service departed from Shannon this morning on time, while Boston and New York services landed here early this morning without interruption.

The cancellations in the capital today are mainly due to Covid related staff absences, however two are due to industrial action in France.

In a statement, Aer Lingus apologised to their passengers, saying they’re currently working to re-accommodate those affected.

Covid related staff absences and industrial action are also impacting flights at airports across the continent.

Spanish Correspondent with The Independent, Graham Keeley, says there was a large number of cancelled flights there yesterday.

The situation in the capital is renewing calls here for Shannon Airport to be utilised further, and for increased efforts to be made to lure people from the Midlands to jet off from Clare.

Gearoid Mannion, who’s a Travel Counsellor based in Ennis, says Dublin’s crisis is very much Shannon’s opportunity in the months and years ahead.

Listen to the full interview below: