Call For Widespread Tree Planting In Clare As Cost Effective Climate Change Measure

Photo © Clare County Council

Clare’s Green Party Councillor is calling for the widespread planting of trees on Council land to help offset climate change.

The comments follow a presentation by one of Ireland’s leading climate experts to the local authority, in which it was warned that over 5,000 homes and businesses in Clare are at risk of flooding.


As the climate crisis continues to cause concern in all quarters, the potential impact on Clare has been examined by elected representatives in this county.

Leading climate expert Professor John Sweeney of NUI Maynooth has warned of the threat of flooding, saying 10% of the 51,000 homes here are at risk.

This is the highest rate of any county in Ireland.

Professor Sweeney says it’s crucial to put measures in place now, to offset what may come down the line.

This week’s presentation was organised by Clare’s Green Party Councillor Róisín Garvey, who believes tree planting could prove a cost effective, environmentally friendly and workable solution.

She wants to see council lands used for this purpose and says they would not only soak up excess water from flood-prone land but also create a healthier atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Inagh Councillor Garvey says this can be a simple but effective measure.