ESB Expecting Water Levels In Clonlara To Rise In Coming Days

Photo: Clare County Council

The ESB admits water levels in the Springfield area of Clonlara are likely to rise in the coming days, which may lead to more flooding.

Some families have been evacuated from their homes, while others remain stranded in their houses, which have been surrounded by water, after a week of heavy rain.

It’s a repeat of the situation from four years ago.


It’s just over four years since residents in the Springfield area of Clonlara were left reeling from six weeks of catastrophic flooding that saw homes flooded and evacuated.

Over the weekend, it appeared as though they were in for a repeat of that – but this time, pre-emptive action in the form of 7,000 sandbags and pumps at each home prevented the worst from happening, at least so far.

Nevertheless, many of the houses there are now surrounded by flood waters and it’s feared the situation may worsen in the coming days.

Local woman Gerardine Quinlivan, whose family had to leave their home in late 2015 due to floods, says it’s been a nightmare weekend.

Springfield is located between the Parteen Weir and Limerick, with the weir sluice gates operated by the ESB.

In the event of increased rainfall and large volumes flowing from Athlone, these gates must discharge flows, which in turn flood communities such as Clonlara.

ESB’s Generation Engineering Manager Tom Browne says they will have to increase the amount of water being released and admits the situation is likely to worsen.

Clare County Council has been working for over a week now on protecting the houses most at risk and has put thousands of sandbags in place at homes to stop the flood waters reaching their doors.

Senior Engineer with Clare County Council John Leahy outlines the situation there as things stand – and where things may go next.

Clare County Council says it will continue to support people in Springfield and will have all resources at their disposal until the situation is made safe again.

The Army is also on standby to help where needed.