Coast Guard Responds To Incident At Killaloe Bridge

The Killaloe unit of the Irish Coast Guard was tasked this evening after a cruiser was reported to be in difficulty at Killaloe/Ballina Bridge.

At around 6.00pm, watch officers at the Coast Guard’s marine rescue sub centre on Valentia Island in Kerry paged the volunteer team and asked them to respond to the scene a short distance from their Pier Head based.


The team was told that cruiser boat with three persons on board had become stuck against the navigation markers in strong currents leading under Killaloe bridge.

Upon reaching the scene, a Coast Guard crew member was transferred on board the casualty vessel to confirm that all on board were safe and well and that the vessel had not sustained any damage. Once this was confirmed a tow line was set up.

The vessel was taken on tow to safer waters where the skipper was able to take control the vessel and make way to to the jetty in Killaloe where the cruiser was safely tied alongside. A Coast Guard shore team made their way to the scene by road and were standing by to assist.

At 7.15pm all personnel were stood down and returned to base.