Shift On Fianna Fáil’s Sinn Féin Stance “Should Be Brought Back To Members” Says Clare Councillor

A Clare Fianna Fáil councillor says any shift in his party’s stance on entering power-sharing with Sinn Féin should be brought back to members on the ground.

Maghera Councillor Pat Hayes, who leads his party in Clare County Council, is commenting as Sinn Féin begins its negotiations after winning 37 seats in the general election – just one behind Fianna Fáil.

Prior to the vote, Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin ruled out entering an agreement with Sinn Féin but some party members have since opened the door to holding coalition talks.


Cllr Hayes says Sinn Féin would need to undergo a lot of change before he becomes open to the idea: