Clare Election Candidate Says Farming Protests Sent Clear Message To Processors

A Clare General Election candidate says farmers who took part in a number of protests in recent months sent out a clear message to processors.

Outgoing Fine Gael Junior Minister Pat Breen is commenting on the 9th day of the election campaign, which has seen the issue of farming to the fore in Clare.


Farming has emerged as one of the main issues for many people in Clare and throughout the country in this General Election.

Protests outside processing plants last year gave way to a massive campaign by farmers to receive better prices for their beef, after which the Beef Taskforce was set up and work to resolve the matter is ongoing.

Outgoing Clare Fine Gael Junior Minister, Pat Breen believes the ongoing action is dividing farming organisations.

He says that repairing relationships between producers and processors will be important.

Quilty farmer Joseph Woulfe has temporarily stepped aside from his role as Chair of the Beef Plan Group to run as an independent in this election.

He insists the farming sector needs additional support, saying the problems facing farmers haven’t yet been resolved.