East Clare Border Sees Surge In Fly Tipping

Photo © Pat Flynn

East Clare’s border towns and villages have witnessed a surge in fly tipping as illegal dumpers seep through the cracks.

Councillor Cathal Crowe has reported the extensive dumping along hedgerows and roadsides in recent weeks to Clare County Council, saying the clean up operation will be a difficult one.

The local authority is currently working with its counterparts in Limerick and Kerry as part of the Regional Waste Management Plan, but the Meelick Councillor believes more co-operation is needed between the authorities.


The current county boundary of Limerick and Clare runs across the Knocklisheen road at the gates to Delmege’s house, near Moyross, an area Councillor Crowe believes is one of the worst litter black spots in the Mid-West.

He insists that illegal dumping is becoming an even greater issue in areas along the border like this.