€150,000 Allocation For Female Political Participation In Clare & Elsewhere Described As ‘Patronising’ And ‘Paltry’

Photo © Pat Flynn

A six figure sum allocated to political parties to increase female participation in the next local elections is being described as “patronising” and “paltry” by Clare female councillors.

€150,000 is to be split between nine groups in efforts to increase the number of female representatives after the 2024 elections.


Fine Gael will receive the most money out of the funding from the Department of Local Government at €36,000.

Fianna Fail is to get just over €30,000 in an attempt to increase female participation in local politics, with the Green Party being allocated €28,000.

€23,000 is to go to Labour and Sinn Fein will receive €15,000.

The remainder will be divided between Solidarity/PBP, Social Democrats, Housing Rights and Independents.

A former Mayor of Clare, however, has labelled the funding as ‘patronising’.

Fine Gael Councillor Mary Howard says there are other ways other than money that can encourage women to run for office locally.

An Ennis Fianna Fail Councillor, meanwhile, believes gender quotas for both men and women is something that should be considered for this country.

Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy says she supports gender quotas as a ‘stop gap’ measure until equal representation in parliaments can be achieved.

The next local elections are due to take place in May of 2024.