CEO Admits Doubts Over Re-Opening Of Shannon Airport This Summer

Photo © Shannon Group

The CEO of Shannon Group has admitted to doubts over whether there will be a large-scale return of flights at Shannon Airport this summer, saying it will be entirely dependent on the Covid-19 virus.

Mary Considine says the region’s economic recovery is directly linked with the roll-out of the vaccine and has called for it to be acclerated, in the hope of salvaging part of the tourist season.


Regardless, she’s said ongoing Government supports will be needed up to 2023.

Also speaking to Clare FM, the Finance Minister has indicated that additional funding will be made available.

In the run up to Christmas, Shannon Group was looking forward to 2021 with a certain degree of optimism.

It followed an announcement by Ryanair that its Shannon base will re-open this summer, and ongoing discussions with Aer Lingus towards a restoration of its services.

But since then, the sands have shifted and the prospects of recovery for the aviaiton industry have weakened, after new variants of the virus have resulted in the introduction of new travel restrictions and lockdowns in many countries.

CEO of Shannon Group Mary Considine has called for the roll-out of the vaccine to be accelerated, saying she hopes this could salvage at least part of the summer season.

The Shannon Group CEO has also said that recovery will be slow, and while acknowledging fincancial supports provided by Government to date, Mary considine says ongoing assistance will likely be needed up to 2023.

She says an ongoing committment from Government will be needed to navigate through the coming 12 to 18 months.

Also speaking on Clare FM’s Morning Focus today, the Finance Minister has acknowledged the importance of Shannon Airport for connectivity and employment in the region.

Paschal Donohoe, a former Transport Minister, says that’s been acknowledged through current supports, which he says will remain in place for now.