Shannon Apartment Complex Residents Call For Government Intervention

Residents of a Shannon apartment complex where serious fire safety defects have been identified are calling for government intervention to help them, and others in similar situations.

A 2017 inspection of the Bru na Sionna complex identified serious defects, and now the owners of the 240 apartments there face being hit with an estimated €4m bill for repairs and upgrades.

A group of owners, many of them residents of Bru na Sionna, are opposing this but other groups, including some landlords, have voted in favour of the plans.


However, Bru na Sionna resident Lorraine Carew says it’s unfair that homeowners who bought their properties in good faith are punished, and she believes the State should support them.

In a statement to Clare FM, the management company at Bru na Sionna, Tullyvaraga Management Company, say property owners there have been done a terrible wrong, and they echo the calls for State supports.

You can hear more on this on Clare FM’s Morning Focus from 9 a.m.