Coastal Flooding To Cost Clare Over €265 Million

Clare has been highlighted as one of the most exposed areas to coastal flooding as a result of climate change.

A new report published by Gamma Location Intelligence, predicts that 265 million euro worth of damage could be done to properties here, most of it to homes.

The findings show that 70,000 addresses across the country could be impacted by coastal flooding by 2050, with 8,700 of these being in Clare.


They are based on a predicted global temperature increase of 2 degrees, which some climate scientists expect to happen in the next 30 years, and back up similar findings from other research.

7400 homes here, and a further 1300 businesses would be impacted, with higher numbers only being recorded in Louth and in Dublin.

The predicted cost of this damage to Clare is nearly 265 million euro, with over half of that being from homes.

This projection doesn’t include the cost of damage to infrastructure