Calls For Construction Of Columbarium Walls In Clare

Clare County Council is being called on to back moves to develop columbarium walls in the county’s graveyards.

The facility holds the ashes of the deceased after cremation, with figures showing 1 in 5 people opting for the process over traditional burials.

The idea was first put forward by Shannon Independent Councillor Gerry Flynn at a meeting of Clare County Council in January, during which the local authority said it would be considered.


The matter has this week been discussed further at a meeting of the Special Policy Committee on Rural Development, which heard of fears that several graveyards in the county are running out of burial spaces.

Sinn Fein Councillor Mike McKee, who is a member of the committee, says the matter will now go before the next meeting of Clare County Council and he’s confident of support for his colleague’s proposal.

Councillor McKee says increasing numbers are opting for cremation rather than traditional burials.