Councillor Hits Out At “Cruel” Treatment Of Elderly Mother At Ennis Hospital

Photo © Pat Flynn

A Clare Councillor has spoken of what she’s called “cruel” and “callous” treatment of her family and of her 92 year old mother as they were seeking care for her at Ennis General Hospital last week.

Clare Colleran Molloy says her mum was not admitted to the Hospital last Tuesday, even after she’d been driven there by her family who felt she was in need of medical attention.

She says they were told by one member of the medical staff that “the system could not cope” and that their GP later informed them that he had ascertained there were no beds available for her mother in Ennis or in Limerick on the morning in question.


The elderly woman is now recovering in another hospital but Councillor Colleran Molloy, who spoke as local representatives spoke in favor of bringing full A&E care back to Ennis, says Clare patients deserve better.