Cost Of Renting In Clare Up 12% In A Year

The average cost of renting in Clare has increased by more than 12% in the last year.’s rental property price report for the final quarter of 2023 shows that some tenants are now forking out over €1,500 per month.


The average price of renting a home in this county is now €1,342 per month.

The latest analysis from shows that the greatest increase in Clare’s portfolio came in the way of five-bedroom apartments, rising by over 16% in the last year to an average cost of €1,509 per month.

Four-bed properties also saw a significant price rise here in 2023 and are now costing the average tenant €1,403 per month.

The price surge was not limited to larger households in Clare though, with the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment climbing by 12.5% to €896 per month.

The report also found that an individual or a couple would pay up to 50% less for a two-bed apartment through a mortgage
than by renting, with the mortgage option coming in at €505 per month, rather than the rental cost of €1,044.

According to, there are just 13 properties available to rent today Clare.

South Dublin remains the most expensive place in the country to rent though, with the average asking price now €2,628
per month.