Shannon-Based Active Retirement President Urges Pensioners To Heed Government Advice

The Shannon-based President of Active Retirement Ireland says the idea of “cocooning” older people will be a difficult period for the most vulnerable in our society.

The Taoiseach’s landmark state of the nation address last night outlined that this is a measure that will be implemented in the coming weeks, whereby the elderly will be urged not to go out and about under any circumstances.

Despite the difficulties that may bring, Kay Murphy says it’s critical that pensioners abide by the advice.


Meanwhile, a former Clare Fianna Fáil TD is calling on members of the public in this county to exert peer pressure on those among us who are still ignoring the advice.

Tony Killeen, who served as Minister for Defence from 2010 to 2011, says despite stark warnings from the top down, there will always be those who chose to remain ignorant.