Health Officials Remain Concerned Over Midwest Covid Case Numbers

Picture © Pixabay

Health Officials are continuing to urge people in the Midwest to follow public health guidelines, as cases of Covid-19 in the region rise further.

According to provisional data, there were 10 new COVID-19 cases in Clare, 85 in Limerick and fewer than five in North Tipperary yesterday.

Over the past 14 days, Public Health Mid-West recorded close to 1,000 cases of the virus in the region, though the vast majority; more than 860 were in Limerick, there were upwards on 70 in Clare, and in excess of 35 in North Tipperary.


Health officials have thanked the public for availing of self-referral clinics to date, which they say has helped to break multiple chains of transmission, but they’re warning that the prevalence of infection is still a concern.