Clare Farmers Offer Helping Hand To Those Struggling During COVID-19

Clare farmers who are struggling with trying to keep the farm going while needing to self isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic are being urged to reach out for help.

The Clare branch of the Beef Plan Movement has set up an initiative to help those who are unable to carry out their usual daily work at this difficult time.

Dozens of farmers from around the county have offered their services to feed cattle, watch over calving cows and do other jobs around the farm, where they’re needed.


Quilty farmer and Beef Plan member Joseph Woulfe says it’s only natural to seek help.

Farmers can send a WhatsApp message to 089 404 0005 with their location, first name and the type of farming if they need assistance.

Meanwhile, the Clare chair of the IFA says his organisation is also on hand to help out.

Parteen farmer Tom Lane has this tip.