Concerns Raised About Draft By Laws That May Ban Jet Skis In Certain Areas Of Clare

Picture © Pat Flynn

Concerns have been raised by water safety groups about proposals to ban the use of jet skis in specific areas off of Clare’s coastline.

Draft by-laws drawn up by Clare County Council to outlaw the use of the vehicles are due to come before councillors next month.

In a statement to Clare FM, the local authority says it is ‘premature’ to comment on the proposed changes, but that there are currently up to 12 locations around the Clare coastline where jet skis can be launched and these locations will be unaffected by any proposals in the Draft Beach Bye Laws.


Water Safety Ireland and the Irish Two Surf Rescue Club are among those who are opposed to the ban, suggesting personal watercraft can be vital for coastal rescues.

Chairman of the Rescue Club, Peter Conroy, says he’s disappointed the group and others have not yet been consulted about the proposed changes.