Community Calls For Urgent Action Over Ongoing Issues Surrounding Facilities At Seafield

Photo © Clare FM

Residents in a West Clare seaside community are calling for urgent action from the Council to deal with ongoing issues surrounding facilities and parking.

The warm weather has attracted large crowds to Seafield in Quilty in recent weeks, but people parking on the narrow access road has led to accessibility issues.


Like all of Clare’s coastal areas, Seafield in Quilty is a big draw for locals and visitors alike, particularly once the weather starts to heat up.

But people living in the local community have expressed grave concern that a lack of parking and facilties could result in serious issues.

Because there are no dedicated spaces on the access road to Seafield Pier, many people park their cars on the grass verge, severly limiting access not only to locals, farmers, fishermen and visitors who use the area, but also to emergency services.

Funding had been secured to create a co-ordinated car park, but as the narrow road is surrounded by private land, the local authority hasn’t been able to proceed.

There are also issues with a lack of toilet facilties and there are no bins in the area and Chair of Seafield Tidy Towns, Michael Neenan is urging the council to take action before the summer is out.

It’s led to calls for a longterm plan for maintaining the standard of the county’s blue flag beaches.

West Clare Fianna Fáil Councillor, Cillian Murphy says the community should be at the heart of plans to ensure they progress seamlessly.

The Fianna Fáil Councillor says there needs to be a plan in place to cater for larger crowds when there’s fine weather.