Cold Snap Prompts Dangerous Spike In Air Pollution Levels In Ennis

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The cold snap has prompted a spike in dangerous air pollution levels in Ennis.

The county town had the highest levels of air pollution in the country on one day this week, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fresh concerns are being raised about air quality in Ennis following a spike in pollutions levels this week.



The cold snap has prompted an increase in the burning of fossil fuels and EPA data has detected a major aid pollution spike.

Ennis had the worst air quality in the county on Wednesday evening, with continued peaks of particulate and fine particulate matter in the air.

Today Ennis’s status remains at “poor” and Senior EPA Inspector, Patrick Kenny says those levels of pollution can have a serious impact on health.

A former Green party Councillor for Ennis says a long term solution must be found to heating homes in the town, that doesn’t involve fossil fuels.

Brian Meaney has suggested that can be done either electrically, or through municipal district heating, the likes of which he says could be harnessed if the data centre on the outskirts of the town is given the go ahead.

He believes a rational conversation on nuclear energy is also needed.

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