Clare Publicans Deny Cynical Lobbying Of Drink-Driving Laws

The Clare branch of the Vintners Federation has hit out at the Minister for Transport, and his plans to tighten drink drving laws.

It comes as Shane Ross proposes putting first time offenders off the road.

The Minister has accused publicans of cynically lobbying of politicians on the issue.


Under current laws, anyone caught behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level of between 50mg and 80mg per 100ml recieves three penalty points and a fine of €250.

Shane Ross wants automatic ban for anyone over the lower limit of 50mg, and claims that thirty-five deaths can be prevented over the next five years if the Oireachtas backs his plan.

But Darragh McAllister of Clare VFI insists the law as it currently stands already deters drink driving.

And the vintners federation have received Oireachtas support from TDs such Deputy Danny Healy-Rae who told a hearing on the matter this week that ‘Nobody caused a fatality by having three glasses of Guinness.