Clare Nursing Homes Roundly Praised In Latest HIQA Reports

Three Clare nursing homes have been widely praised in the latest round of HIQA reports released.

One facility in the North of the county was found to be fully compliant in 11 of the 12 areas it was assessed in.

HIQA inspectors visited facilities unannounced in Meelick, Cratloe and Ennistymon in July and August of this year, with their findings made public this week.


The visit to Ennistymon Community Hospital took place in early July, and it was deemed to be compliant in 11 of 12 areas examined, and substantially compliant in the other.

Residents commented to inspectors that they ‘couldn’t fault the place’ with one saying they felt very ‘lucky’ to be there.

HIQA undertook a visit to the Ennis Road Care Facility in Meelick on the 11th of August this year, and it was found to be fully compliant in nine areas and substantially compliant in three.

Residents in the nursing home were said to be satisfied with being able to maintain their independence but still have both ‘company and security’ when needed.

The following week, inspectors went to Cratloe Nursing Home , where it was found to be fully compliant in five areas and substantially compliant in nine.

Residents in the South East facility described being ‘well looked after’ and having their privacy and dignity well respected.

All three nursing homes concerned have outlined to HIQA how they intend to become fully compliant in the areas they have already been deemed substantially compliant by inspectors.

The full reports can be viewed at this link.