Clare Most Expensive For Family Vacation In Munster

Photo (c) Visit Clare

Clare is the most expensive county in Munster for a family staycation this Summer.

A Clare FM analysis has found that the average cost of a week-long stay for a family of four in the Banner costs 65% more than the cheapest county in the province.

As part of this survey, Clare FM recorded the cost of every available listing on a leading online travel agent in each of the six counties.


We examined the price of a week-long stay for a family of four in a home or apartment from Saturday July 2nd to July 9th.

For the selected dates, Clare proved to be the most expensive, with the average cost coming in at just over €1,800.

That’s nearly €200 dearer than the next most costly county of Kerry and almost €900 more than the least expensive county – Limerick.

While Clare and Kerry were found to be on the higher end of the scale, Cork, Waterford and Tipperary came in much lower ranging from approximately €1,000-€1,300.

However, when looking a two night stay for a couple in Munster, Clare proved to be much better value.

For this, we looked at the cost of every available hotel or B’n’B in Munster on Friday July 1st to Sunday July 3rd.

On this occasion, Clare ranked third in the province.

A two night stay in the Banner on these dates would set you back on average €311.

This is nearly 40% cheaper than the most expensive county – this time Cork.

However, Clare was more than a quarter dearer than the cheapest option for couples on the selected dates, which was Tipperary with an average cost of €238.

It should be noted that these prices are a sample recorded on a specific day, with availability and cost fluctuating on a daily basis.