More Than €6.5 Million Spent In Insurance Payouts From Council Claims Since 2016

Photo (c) Clare County Council

More than six and a half million euro has been spent on insurance payouts from claims made to Clare County Council in the last five years.

Over 500,000 euro was paid out in claims to the local authority last year alone.



Figures obtained by Clare FM via a Freedom of Information request show over €6.64 million euro has been spent by Clare County Council’s insurer on paying out claims since 2016.

589 separate claims were settled in that timeframe, meaning the average payout amounts to almost €11,300 per claim.

However, the monetary amount being paid out seems to be declining.

While a high of €1.6 million was distributed to claimants in 2018, this fell by over a million euro in 2020 – despite only 18 less claims being made.

The majority of successful claims relate to public liability insurance – of the 103 payouts last year, 90 of them fell into this category.

A further 9 related to motor insurance claims, three related to property and one more was filed under ‘other’.

48 payouts have been undertaken by the Council’s insurer between January and June of this year, with a total monetary value of just over €388,000.

That averages around €8,000 per claim – suggesting individual payouts may continue to fall throughout the year should the trend continue.