Council Taking Action On 235 Derelict Properties In Clare

Photo (c) Abzee from Getty Images via

Clare County Council is currently taking action on 235 derelict properties in the county.

Of this number, 69 were identified in 2022, while since January, files have been opened on an additional 34 premises.

A number of units have already come back into use this year, including a two-storey house in Cappa, Kilrush, four terraced houses in Harmony Row in Ennis and a detached house at Acha Abhaile in the town that had been unoccupied since 2008.


To date this year, the derelict sites team has served a total of nine compulsory purchase orders, with six of the properties concerned at the final stages of the process.

The local authority has also noted a significant surge in applications for Croí Conaithe funding, the initiative provides up to €70,000 for those wishing to renovate a derelict unit.

Of the 203 applicants who’ve expressed interest, 160 are hoping to renovate a private residence, while 43 are hoping to supply the rental market.

Based on the activity so far, its estimated the government could invest up to €4.5 million to return properties to economic and residential use in this county.