Clare Councillors Say Fit For Purpose Redress Scheme Vital For Homeowners Affected By Pyrite

Pyrite at Mary Hanley's house in Drumline. Photo: Clare FM

An East Clare Councillor insists it’s vital that all stakeholders work together to ensure a fit for purpose redress scheme is up and running quickly so that homeowners affected by pyrite who’ve been “suffering in silence” are compensated.

It follows criticism from the Chair of the Clare Pyrite Action Group, who’s hit out at local Councillors for failing to support their cause.

Councillors have refuted this.


The Chair of Clare’s Pyrite Action Group says they intend to ‘clean up the system’ by forming their own political party in conjunction with other action groups across the country.

They’re among homeowners in this county, as well as Limerick, Donegal, Mayo and Sligo, who have submitted 80 amendments to the Defective Concrete Blocks Scheme, which will be voted on today during a two-hour discussion.

Ahead of today’s vote, the local action group contacted each of Clare’s councillors asking them to make a public statement calling for today’s debate to be extended to six hours.

The Chair of the Clare Pyrite Action Group, Dr Martina Cleary says today’s two-hour debate isn’t sufficient and she feels they’ve been left down by local politicians at all levels.

In response, Clare Fianna Fáil Councillors have vowed to continue to support all homeowners in this county who are affected by pyrite issues, as well as their quest to be compensated.

They’ve requested a briefing, either in-person or online, to inform Councillors on the details of the scheme and how it’s failing those affected here.

Councillors have also written to the Housing Minister, asking for the period of debate to be extended.

Maghera Councllor Pat Hayes says they’re delighted that by working with Council Management, homeowners in Clare have been accepted into the scheme.

But he insists the most important thing now is that a fit for purpose scheme is in place as quickly as possible.

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