Some Clare Businesses Seeing Energy Price Increases Of €10,000 A Month

The Chair of the Clare Tourism Advisory Forum claims some businesses have seen energy price increases of up to 10,000 euro a month.

It comes as a delegation from the county are heading stateside, to sell Clare as a potential tourist destination.

A delegation of 11 representatives from the county are heading to the Milwaukee Irish Fest this Thursday in the hope of boosting tourism numbers to the county from the US.



1 in 12 people in Clare are employed in the tourism sector, which has been under severe pressure over the past number of years due to the pandemic.

The Chair of the Clare Tourism Advisory Forum says the pandemic wasn’t a “bed of roses” for businesses in the hospitality sector, with the Ukraine war and inflation compounding the difficulties they’re facing.

Ennis Hotelier, Sean Lally says businesses are experiencing massive challenges due to rising costs.

The Mayor of Clare insists it’s vital that the tourism sector is supported, citing the knock-on impact on other businesses as another serious concern.

Killaloe Councillor Tony O’Brien hopes efforts to attract holidaymakers for longer stays will prove fruitful.

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Meanwhile, the Head of Tourism with Clare County Council is hopeful a ‘quirky’ campaign will encourage US tourists to visit the county next year.

The Clare tourism stand will be handing out 5,000 biodegradable beer mats in Milwaukee, as part of their ‘Cheers From Clare’ marketing strategy, with a QR code on each mat.

Certain codes will contain prizes for a trip to the banner, which Deirdre O’Shea, says is to encourage people to plan ahead.