Chamber CEO Insists Benefits Of Flying Shannon Outweigh Cost

Image (c) Pat Flynn

The CEO of Shannon Chamber insists the benefits of flying from Shannon Airport far outweigh the cost.

It’s after a Clare FM cost analysis has found that the average cost of flying from Shannon Airport next month is 14% higher than from Dublin.


Clare FM compared every airline operating to and from Shannon and Dublin during the first two weeks of May and found that only 7 routes were cheaper locally, than if you were to fly from the capital.

The study showed the largest price discrepancy in flying from Shannon Airport came on the Birmingham route, with it being 80% dearer to depart from Shannon than the capital.

In contrast, Dublin charged nearly double the price of a return flight to Budapest in comparison to the Clare airport.

Overall, the cost of flying locally was only marginally higher than travelling from Dublin airport, with the average difference coming in at €22.70 for a return trip.

Shannon Group says the passenger journey from car park to gate is an average of 15 minutes and at a time when some passengers at Dublin Airport are saying they’re missing flights over long queues, this proves an advantage.

The Group’s also pointing to a number of what it says are unique selling points that enhance the passenger experience including a state-of-the-art security screening system.

CEO of Shannon Chamber, Helen Downes says with fuel prices expected to continue to rise, the cost of travel to the airport will be substantially lower, if passengers fly locally.

And she believes that’s just one of a number of benefits of using Clare’s airport.

There are now calls for marketing to be intensified in areas outside of Clare such as North Tipperary, North Galway and even as far as Offaly to drive more passengers to the Midwest.

A North Clare hotelier also believes that direct transport to the airport is needed, as there’s currently 10 buses leaving Ennis for Dublin, with far less going to Shannon.

Michael Vaughan of Vaughan’s Lodge in Lahinch believes a coming together of all interests in the region is what’s needed.