Calls For Uptake Of Life-Saving HPV Vaccination

130 people die from cancer caused by the Human Papilloma Virus each year – most of which are potentially preventable by the HPV Vaccine.

The Irish Cancer Society has called for efforts to improve the uptake of the HPV vaccination programme.

The National Cancer Registry has published its latest report on cancer trends for cancers, it finds that on average, the Human Papilloma virus causes 420 cancer cases each year.


Of those, an average of 130 people will die from HPV-caused cancer, 100 of whom will be women.

The Registry says that effective use of the current HPV vaccine could prevent up to two thirds of all HPV associated cancers in Irish women.

The Irish Cancer society has called for increased funding to improve the uptake of the vaccine, and wants it rolled out to boys too.

Health professionals have expressed their concern that the uptake for the vaccine has fallen as low as 50 percent.