Calls For Targeting Of Most Vulnerable In Budget As SVP Records 30% Increase In Demand

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The President of the Clare branch of St Vincent DePaul insists it’s vital that there is a targeting of the most vulnerable in the upcoming budget.

The charity has witnessed a 30% increase in demand for its services up until the end of August, compared to the same time last year.

It comes amid mounting speculation that there’ll be a cut to childcare fees, as well as electricity payments.



It’s two weeks out from the budget today, and the drip-feed of what’s likely to be included is continuing.

Direct electricity payments similar to the credit issued earlier this year, are more likely to be introduced, than a price-cap on bills.

According to the Irish examiner, there’ll also be a double payment of child benefit included in the budget, along with the 200 euro cut to creche charges.

The Clare Branch President of St Vincent De Paul says it’s vital that the people who don’t have savings to buffer against the current crisis are targeted in the budget.

Denis Carty says they’ve seen a 30% increase in demand up until the end of August, compared to the same period last year, with more and more new people requesting help for the first time.

He hopes measures will be taken so the most vulnerable people don’t have to make difficult decisions surrounding food and heat.

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Sinn Fein believes price caps, a windfall tax on energy companies and cash payments to taxpayers are needed to reduce the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.

The party is holding its think-in in Dublin today, ahead of the return to the Dáil.

Sinn Fein President, Mary Lou McDonald says there should be payments offered to taxpayers which would be linked to income, with the cut off at 70 thousand euro.