Calls For Councillors To Work With Traders To Ensure Success Of Ennis Market

Photo © Clare County Council

Clare’s County Councillors are being called on to come together with traders to ensure the future success of Ennis’ market.

Fresh debate has erupted over the 1.75 million euro development at Gurraunakilla, after it emerged that that the project has been financed with a 30-year loan from a state-backed housing body.

The re-developed market re-opened a year ago but since then there has been much criticism over low levels of use there – less than a fifth of the available spaces for traders being used on weekend trading days.


The matter has arisen again this week after it emerged that the development is being funded by a 30-year loan fro a state backed housing body.

Fianna Fáil Councillor PJ Kelly has raised questions over the legality of this and he believes the finished product has been a disappointment.

The Council insists the loan is legal, and Ennis Fine Gael Councillor Johnny Flynn has defended the development saying the vast majority of the funds went towards streetscaping, providing disability access and dealing with sewerage issues, with only 500,000 euro spent on the building itself.

He’s described the market as an important piece of civic structure saying it’s unfortunate that the people the market was designed for aren’t trading out of it.

There are also suggestions that instead of criticising the market, tht the fous should be on efforts to ensure it thrives.

Former Clare Mayor Councillor James Breen believes it can be successful in the future: