Calls In Clare For Developers To Be Held Responsible For Pyrite Issues

Clare’s Sinn Fein TD insists developers who were found to have been responsible for pyrite being present in homes should foot some of the bill for repairing houses.

It comes as it’s emerged the scale of the issue in this county may be worse than previously thought, with Clare County Council confirming two housing estates may be impacted.

The mineral causes walls in many homes to crumble, prompting thousands to protest in Dublin yesterday over supports.


The local authority has confirmed that two council housing estates in Clare may be impacted by pyrite, in addition to the 50 houses in this county already known to have issues with the material.

It follows a study carried out by Clare County Council earlier this year, as consideration continues to be given to adding this county to the Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme.

It’s currently only open to those in Mayo and Donegal whose homes are affected by Mica and Pyrite and only covers 90% of the cost of repairs.

Clare people were among thousands of people to march on the capital yesterday in protest over what they say are inadequate state supports under the scheme.

Speaking in the Dáil after the protest, Scariff-based Independent TD Michael McNamara the problem is much bigger than originally thought in Clare.

The government has indicated it will improve its defective block scheme for people whose houses have been left in ruins.

Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government and Planning, Peter Burke says they are committed to improving supports.

The Taoiseach says the final bill for dealing with the Mica scandal could come to over €1 billion and Clare’s Sinn Féin TD believes those found to be responsible should have to foot the bill.

There have been calls for Government redress schemes to be increased from 90 to 100 percent, along with further regulation of the building sector.

But Kilrush-based Deputy Violet-Anne Wynne says builders, developers and suppliers should have to pay some of the costs of repairing affected homes too.