Cahercalla Say It ‘Regrets’ Non-Compliance Over Health Regulations And Accepts Report Findings

The Board of Cahercalla Community Hospital says it ‘regrets’ it was not compliant with health regulations during a health inspection in January.

The facility says it fully accepts the findings of a HIQA report which was released yesterday.


The report, released yesterday by HIQA after an unannounced inspection in Cahercalla in January, when a number of COVID-19 cases among both staff and residents were present on site, assessed the facility in 12 different areas.

These included staffing, governance and management, infection control and residents’ rights.

Cahercalla was deemed to be ‘non compliant’ with health regulations at the time in all 12 instances.

In a statement, the Board of the nursing home says Cahercalla was at ‘its lowest ebb’ when the inspection was carried out.

It says 25% of residents were involved in the outbreak and 25% of staff were absent on Covid related leave at the time.

The facility emphasises that a new management structure is in place there since February 22nd, which they say has “substantially addressed” the non compliance issues covered in the HIQA report.

Cahercalla say its vaccination programme is now complete, and have thanked both HIQA and the HSE for their assistance.

Statement from Cahercalla Community Hospital:

The board of Cahercalla fully accepts the finding of this HIQA report. The inspection was carried out at a time when Cahercalla was at its lowest ebb while dealing with a substantial Covid 19 outbreak which involved 25% of residents and resulted in 25% of staff being absent on Covid related leave. The main focus of management and staff at this time was to deliver the basic needs of residents to ensure proper nutrition and hydration, proper medication supervision and to limit the spread of Covid 19 infection. Cahercalla regrets that it was not compliant HIQA regulations during this inspection. Cahercalla is in regular contact with HIQA and works closely with HIQA to develop management structures to comply with necessary regulations.

A new management structure is now in place since 22/02/2021 which has substantially addressed the non compliance issues and is delivering new supports and training for staff to provide excellent care to residents at Cahercalla. A recent HIQA inspection of 16/03/2021, as yet unpublished, has determined that non compliance has been substantially addressed and the care and welfare of residents is being safeguarded. The Covid 19 outbreak is now over and all residents and staff have been vaccinated allowing Cahercalla to accept new admissions.

Cahercalla would like to thank all staff who worked tirelessly during this very traumatic time. We also appreciate the support received from HIQA and the HSE Covid Response Unit which provided invaluable assistance in overcoming our difficulties.