Cabinet To Meet Again Today Over Whistleblower Controversy

The Cabinet will meet again later to work on terms of reference for the Tribunal of Inquiry into allegations of a smear campaign against Maurice McCabe. 

But the Independent Alliance have raised concerns about the performance of the Taoiseach in answering questions in the Dáil last night.

However they’re unlikely NOT to support the government in a motion of confidence to be taken tonight.


Last night answering questions in the Dáil the Taoiseach appeared to repeatedly contradict what he knew and when when it was compared to the Children’s minister’s version of events.

While the two seemed to end up on the same page, it not only gave fuel to the opposition fire of a story being concocted, but raised concerns among the Independent Alliance.

Ministers from the group intend raising this and other issues when the cabinet meets for the second time this week later today to discuss the controversy.

It’s now understood that the plan to finalise terms of reference for the Tribunal of inquiry and get them voted through in the Dáil and Seanad this week will not be met.

But the Government will unite in the Dáil later tonight when a motion of confidence in itself is debated – Fianna Fáil’s commitment to abstain means the minority will survive in the vote.

Clare’s Fianna Fail TD is one of those who has raised questions over the differing answers in the Dáil last night.

Katherine Zappone has told the Dáil that Enda Kenny was aware of the  “false allegations” against Maurice McCabe last Tuesday morning, before the cabinet meeting.

Just minutes earlier the Taoiseach had commended Zappone for NOT telling him about “those very serious issues”.

Deputy Timmy Dooley says he can’t understand the reason for the break down in communication.