Bishop Of Killaloe Believes Ceremonies Could Be Done ‘Carefully’ But Wants Parishes To Hold Off For Now

Photo © Pat Flynn

The Bishop of Killaloe believes communion and confirmation ceremonies could be carried out here in a careful and safe manner.

Five bishops nationally have now told their parishes to resume the sacraments despite government advice – though all of them are outside of Clare.


Bishop Alan McGuckian of Raphoe in Donegal has become the latest member of the clergy to advise his priests they can resume communions and confirmations.

He joins bishops in Elphin, Clogher, Meath, and Waterford and Lismore in giving the go-ahead for the services.

The bishops concerned have advised their members it’s essential they maintain the highest standards of sanitisation and social distancing at the ceremonies.

It’s divided opinion across the Church, particularly after Health Minister Stephen Donnelly’s comments over the weekend that those who hold the sacraments are putting lives at risk.

Fr Iggy O’Donovan, a member of the Augustinian Order, says it’s too soon.

This is a sentiment that is being echoed by the Bishop of Killaloe, though he admits there are anomalies around current public health guidelines for churches that need to be addressed.

Bishop Fintan Monahan has advised priests within the diocese to hold off on communions and confirmations for now, though parishes that have already been given dates are being given the green light to press ahead.

Ceremonies that haven’t been marked in the calendar yet in the diocese look set to be put off until the Autumn.

Bishop Monahan says there is a level of frustration among communities about delays.