Around Two Thirds Of Vehicles At Ennis NCT Centre Have Passed So Far This Year

Around two thirds of vehicles being tested at the Ennis NCT centre so far this year have passed.

The failure rate at Clare’s only centre has dropped by 17 percent since the same time last year.

More than 39,000 vehicles have been put through the National Car Test in this county so far this year, which is a significant jump on the 27,935 that came through the doors in the same period in 2020.


It’s also around 1,600 more than were tested in the same period in 2019, before the pandemic.

25,465 of these – or around 65 percent – have passed.

Nearly 30 percent, or just over 11,700 were classified as a ‘major fail’, while more than 1,900 were considered to have ‘failed dangerously’, which means it’s illegal to drive that vehicle until it’s sufficiently repaired.

The pass and failure rate at the Quin Road facility so far in 2021 is almost exactly the same as the nationwide averages, with 1.7 million vehicles having been tested in Ireland so far this year.

It’s understood a second NCT centre in this county, at the Smithstown Industrial Estate in Shannon, will be in operation by the beginning of 2022.