Almost 90% Of Inspected Rental Homes In Clare Failed To Meet Standards Last Year

Almost 90% of private rented homes inspected by Clare County Council last year failed to meet the required standards.

The local authority inspected close to 500 houses in 2017 where tenants were on schemes like HAP.


Figures released by the local authority reveal that last year, 496 inspections were carried out on private rented homes.

In each case, the tenant was in receipt of Housing Assistance Payments or similar schemes.

Of this number, 434 did not meet regulatory requirements for a variety of reasons.

Gas, oil and electricity faults made up the majority of these non-compliances, while ventilation issues were also detected in a large number.

However, 57 of these houses also became compliant after a subsequent inspection last year.

And the figures also show that there were no cases throughout all of 2016 where legal action had to be taken against a landlord.

Though the non-compliance rate of 87.5% last year remains high, it does mark a drop on the 92% of homes inspected in 2016, where they failed to meet standards.