Calls In Clare For Agriculture Minister To Step Down


Court injunctions against two beef farmers who had been protesting outside a pet food company in Longford are to be struck out.

C&D Petfoods had brought the action against Fine Gael Cllr Paraic Brady and local carpenter Colm Leonard after its facility in Edgeworthstown was blockaded in September during the dispute over beef prices.


The disruption led to the company temporarily laying off 187 of its employees.

The Beef Plan Movement had said it would not attend any meetings of the Beef Market Taskforce until the two injunctions were lifted.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister says reconvening the Taskforce and implementing the beef sector agreement is now his priority.

Minister Michael Creed has welcomed C&D Foods decision to lift the injunctions against two protesting beef farmers.

He is now calling on all parties to engage with the Independent Chairman of the Beef Market Taskforce in order for talks to resume immediately.

Calls have been made in Clare for the Agriculture Minister to step down.

It comes as farmers have threatened more demonstrations in the run up to Christmas, following a 24 hour protest in Dublin, which ended yesterday.

Farmers stood down their protest in Dublin yesterday, after demanding the removal of injunctions against two farmers.

But, they’re threatening to disrupt city centre streets again, if steps aren’t taken to address their concerns over beef prices.

They want the beef taskforce to be immediately reconvened, following talks earlier this year and say there will be further protests in the run up to Christmas if progress isn’t made.

The Clare County Chair of the ICMSA, says the action has arisen out of sheer frustration and concern over the future of the sector.

Martin McMahon insists it’s vital that beef prices go up, and soon.

But a Clare member of the Independent Farmers of Ireland doesn’t believe that the taskforce will achieve anything.

They’re calling on the Agriculture Minister to resign, over comments in the Dáil this week, concerning threats against senior management of C&D foods.

Patrick Crowe says farmers are at their wits end and need action now.