Aer Lingus Gatwick To Knock Flight Diverts To Shannon

Photo © Pat Flynn

A flight from England to Knock has diverted to Shannon Airport this afternoon after the crew reported a technical issue with their aircraft.

Aer Lingus flight EI-911 was travelling from Gatwick to Ireland West Airport in Co Mayo where it was due to land at 2.35pm.

The flight was on approach to Knock when the crew advised air traffic controllers that they had a ‘technical problem’ with their airplane and they were awaiting an update from the airline about what they should do.



About 15 minutes later, the crew told air traffic controllers that they had been instructed to divert to Shannon Airport to have the problem investigated. The crew was cleared to divert to Shannon.

The pilot did not declare an emergency and confirmed they would not require any services on arrival in Shannon. The flight rerouted to Shannon where it landed safely at 3.10pm.

Engineers were standing by at the terminal for the aircraft however it’s not yet clear whether the flight will continue its journey to Knock this afternoon of whether the passengers will have to be transported to their destination by road.

A comment is awaited from the airline.