63 Adults Recorded As Homeless In Clare In June

Homeless levels in Clare have only seen a marginal decrease in the past month despite 5 households exiting emergency accommodation.

As of mid-June. there were only two fewer homeless adults in this county compared to the last week in May.

The MidWest region, which the Department of Housing classifies as Clare and Limerick, retains the highest level of homelessness per head of the population.


281 adults in both counties were still accessing emergency accommodation in June – only five fewer than at the end of May.

There’s only one less family experienceing homelessness in the region – with 31 families still without a house.

Those 31 families comprise of 37 adults and 46 dependents.

In Clare, 63 adults are still recorded as homeless – two fewer than in May.

This comes despite the Clare Homeless Action Team facilitating five households in exiting homelessness during the period between 26th May and 24th June.

Of these five households; 2 were housed in own door properties through HAP, leasing, AHB and local authority allocations and three discharged themselves and left homeless services.

As of Saturday June 24th, there were 17 homeless children in Clare.

Meanwhile, The Clann Nua Project in partnership with Mid-West Simon has now transitioned a total of 10 clients to supported independent living with some now having returned to employment.