60% More Men Than Women Receive Penalty Points In Clare

Image (c) Pat Flynn

Almost 60% more men received penalty points in Clare last year compared to women.

A total of 17,610 people had penalty points in this county in 2020.

According to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office 5,000 people in Clare were were in receipt of penalty point notices in 2020.


Of those that committed a driving offence in this county last year, the majority were male.

A total of 3,131 Clare men received penalty points in comparison to 1,704 women.

The most common reason for penalty points being issued in the Banner last year was speeding, which was cited in 77% of cases involving men and almost 80% of cases involving female drivers.

The second most popular reason for dishing out penalty points was for using a mobile phone while driving.

356 men and 186 women in Clare were caught on their mobiles while driving in 2020.

Almost 14,000 people had at least one penalty point on their licence last year, with 24 people in this county disqualified from driving after accumulating 12 penalty points.

One Clare motorist received 12 penalty points in the space of the past 12 months alone and was put off the road.

The number of people in Clare who had penalty points on their licence in 2020 decreased by 6.7% when compared to the year previous, with 17,610 people having recorded a penalty point in the past three years.