58% Reduction In Clare Construction Activity Last Month

Photo (c) Pixabay

The number of properties undergoing construction work in Clare fell by more than 58% in August.

New figures from the Department of Housing show that shovels went into ground at just over 40 properties here last month.



When local authorities receive word a person’s carrying out works or changing use of a building, they’re issued with a commencement notice.

The number of refurbishments, extensions, alterations, or indeed any projects carried out in this county for that matter saw a sharp decline in August.

In July, 30 such notices were issued in Clare with works subsequently commencing on 99 residential units.

However a much lower yield was recorded in August with the twenty notices served here, resulting in just 20 units.

The number of one-off dwellings constructed in Clare also saw a significant decrease last month falling from 26 to 15.

Galway meanwhile saw a spike in housing activity in August, with works commencing on 114 units while neighbours Limerick and Tipperary also registered a lull in progress with shovels going into the ground on just 49 and 34 properties respectively.