2,800 Clare Students To Sit State Exams

Over 2,800 pupils across the Banner County are beginning their Leaving and Junior Cert exams this morning.

At 9.30am, 121,000 students in Ireland will begin English Paper 1, kicking off over two weeks of exams.


As is tradition, the Leaving and Junior Cert exams officially begin with English Paper 1 on the first Wednesday of June.

Here in Clare, 1,274 Leaving Cert students are preparing this morning to sit the most important exams in their lives so far.

Of that number, 695 are girls and 579 are boys – while a further 49 will sit the Leaving Cert Applied exams.

At Junior level, there will be 1,530 Third Year pupils taking English this morning, while the Civic, Social and Political Education exam is held this afternoon.

Again, more girls than boys are taking the exams at this level in Clare.

This year sees Maltese added to the Leaving Cert as a non-cirricular exam for the first time, while languages like Danish, Swedish and Modern Greek are also being sat by a minority around the country.

In total, there are 18 non-cirricular languages being examined this year, while the core subjects of English, Irish and Maths will be finished by Tuesday next.

The final exams of Applied Maths and Religious Education will be sat on Friday, June 22nd.