Síomha, “Spéir Rua” – ISOTW – 27/09/23

The first single from Síomha’s forthcoming EP titled ‘Infinite Space Reimagined’
Spéir Rua (‘Red Sky’ in Irish) is a captivating musical masterpiece that combines an impressive talent lineup.

Featuring the renowned Joe Dart of Vulfpeck, and Louis Cato of Snarky Puppy, this collaboration is elevated by the enchanting arrangements and conducting of Cormac McCarthy with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Ireland’s leading collaborative orchestra.

The song seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of musical genres, including contemporary
jazz, folk-pop, modern contemporary and Latin while Síomha serenades the listener in the
Irish language.


The song draws listeners in with its soulful and melodic quality paired with rhythmic intricacy, hauntingly beautiful orchestrations and pure heart.
As the music unfolds, it vividly paints the landscape of the West Coast of Ireland, igniting a
fiery red sunrise in the imagination.

‘Spéir Rua’ is an ode to the beauty of Ireland’s natural wonders, reminiscent of the timeless artistry of Joni Mitchell and the contemporary sound of Laura Mvula.

It is a celebration of the musical diversity in Ireland, a country bursting with
creativity and a new wave of artists working in the Irish language.