Luz, “Sustain” – ISOTW – 01/08/23

Irish singer-songwriter Luz Corrigan has frequently gone viral with her insanely powerful, intricate and vulnerable piano tracks that pluck at the heartstrings.

The über talented musician sounds even more mature as the indie jam opens.

“I’m not well versed, all the lines I reword / It don’t mean anything unrehearsed so forget what you’ve heard / Don’t put me first, all your time I’m not worth / I won’t mean anything when I hurt you / It seems like everything I try to do I can’t sustain,” she confesses.


“I know when you’re not yourself I am at fault.”

Self-blaming for the emotions of a loved one, the deeply inward-looking song has all of Luz’s explored elements: relatability; crystal clear, stunning vocals with holy-sounding harmonies and insecurities we can all understand.

“sustain is about constantly feeling like you’re not good enough to be where you’re at in life, & like you’re always letting the people around you down. “