Enda Gallery, “Take My Hand” – ISOTW – 06/03/23

‘This song is a tribute to genuine friendship, a way for me to communicate my deep gratitude and affection to those dear friends who bring meaning into my life and demonstrate the profound impact they have on me.’

With the sensitive and heartening Take My Hand, Clare-based artist Enda Gallery launches 2023 with an ode to the depths of beauty found in friendship.

Enda Gallery has shone through many styles since the release of his debut album “The Journey To Zero” in 2021.


With his Liberation EP, full of gracious and highly danceable pop songs, and recent collaboration with two-time Grammy-nominated producer duo Christian Rich on ‘So Easy, Pt. II’, Gallery’s discography is overflowing with diverse expressions of his artistry.

Take My Hand embodies the most soulful and intimate side of Gallery’s artistry, guiding us through a ceremonial love letter of sincerity with lush piano and heartfelt vocals.

This thoughtful and wholesome ballad reminds us of the value we hold to others, alongside the value others hold to us, all while bringing Gallery’s prowess and a songwriter to the fore.

Gallery’s voice opens the song, gliding over a warm bed of keys and pulling us into the world of devotion Take My Hand paints.

His voice rising into powerful, gospel-inspired tones as the track progresses there’s no question that he means every word he sings.

We ride the current of soothing yet passionate keys and voice as the track builds in emotion with triumphant, celebratory horns and drums, eventually to fall like a feather back to earth as Gallery bids the song farewell with the chorus – ‘Take my hand, I will always be your friend when the world gets too demanding, I will be here understanding.’

The official music video filmed at the beautiful Fanore Beach on the west coast of Ireland was filmed by the talented Colm Hogan, a premier Irish cinematographer who has created music videos for chart-topping artists such as Dermot Kennedy and Saint Sister.

The final product was masterfully edited by Chris Schwarz, a highly respected and renowned cinematographer and director based in Berlin with an amazing track record including creating music videos for Milky Chance, Casper, Materia, and eye-catching advertisements for Porsche and Mercedes campaigns.