CMAT, “Mayday” – ISOTW – 31/01/23

CMAT has released a brand new single, as a little *treat* to her fans awaiting Album Number Two in the form of ‘Mayday’.

The singer-songwriter described how the track was inspired by her boyfriend’s trip to a country ravaged by forest fires.

At one point, he texted her to say that the runway was on fire.


“Why would you go away while the world is ending? / You should be spending time with me!” the predictably addictive chorus soars.

Mayday’ is a very sexy song about climate change.

I found the inspiration for the song last summer.

My boyfriend was on tour and flying into a country that was at the time being evacuated for forest fires.

I was so anxious, I kept asking for him to text me when he landed.

Eventually he did, like: ‘hey! The runway is on fire’.

I thought the human anxieties of the oncoming climate change disaster are something that are either not spoken about, or spoken about in big, sweeping, dramatic statements.

“I wanted to bring it back down to something pretty mundane and quite funny. Like the musical equivalent of a Coronation Street episode about fracking.”